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The self-sufficient Village, Denmark

While in Odense, Denmark, we visited evo-village “Den selvforsynende landsby“, which is Danish for “The Self-Sustaining Village”. It is built on ecological principles and permacultural. Currently 26 adults and 33 children live and build their houses here on the beautiful southern part of Funen, a larger island in the heart of the Denmark.

The village is built on an agricultural field with an old building that has been renovated to accommodate the kitchen and the dining room for residents and visitors during the event. Take a look around and you will find all kinds of weird houses. Some are made from only recycled materials, some are self-sufficient in energy, some are solar passive, some big, some small and with all kinds of forms. They have autour cultures and a Green House to supply the part of food. Living together is not always easy, and as in all communities, they have rules that are established together and can be adapted if necessary. Communication is the key.



Other people are also a kind of creation. You can find hand fantasy bikes, old tools, transformed into retro decoration, windmill, handmade, kid drawings on the rocks and walls made of planks considered as garbage because they are not flat.


And finally, you can find a wall of wonderful tools in an uprising of zombies! Ahhh, we love this species!


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