Exhibitions By Charlotte Thomas & Mathilde Amilhat

We present to you the latest exhibition at BazArt!


Charlotte Thomas

Mathilde Amilhat


Charlotte Thomas

This young textile artist is inspired by trees and their bodily similarities to humankind, and our common flow of energy. She uses eco-friendly fibres from flax and horse hair in her works, and she explains the choice of materials in a poetic manner here.

You can find more information at her elegant and minimalist website, a style that mirrors her works, and you are welcome to follow her page on facebook.



Mathilde Amilhat

Trees are the source of inspiration for Mathilde Amilhat too, as she invites you to see the beauty of wild forests.

Most of these pieces are from a few years ago, then painted with acrylics. Since then she has swapped to more natural, homemade paint, more in line with an eco-friendly ideal. Visit her website to see more.

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