Visiting Louvre

What to do when in Paris? Visit Louvre of course! Warning: Lots of nudity involved 😉


The museum

If you wander in Louvre and abstract yourself from the artworks you quickly realise that the architecture is a museum itself.


The Egyptian collection in Louvre is amazing and overwhelming! It is impressive to see the precision of their artwork on everyday objects. Seeing the time and passion put into even the tiniest things, makes me think we can learn more from previous civilisations 😉


Paintings are nicely represented in the huge halls of Louvre. Master pieces from Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands etc, for all tastes. Everyday you can meet students sketching artwork and sometimes an artist copying a painting.


You’ll understand from the amount of pictures that we both love sculptures. They are so alive! It is almost like if they could crack their stone skin at any time and scare you to death, like a weeping angel (ref: Doctor Who!) 😉

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