Vernissage at BazArt

Last week we attended another vernissage at BazArt, cultural and “urban” people as we are. Note that this is in the cute medieval village Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. Not what most people would call very urban, but definitely “très culturel”.

There were the joyful artists, the curious public, the festive bluegrass band Bandits Du Pays (send an email to book), the delicious snacks made by generous volunteers, the French wine, and of course: The new art exhibitions!

The ground floor greets us with the collective exhibition “Je rêve de” (I dream of) featuring Mélanie Gabu and Émilie Ramboz. Keywords: Fantasy forest mural, organic and animal shapes. Sidenote: Gabu and one of the evening’s musicians, Thierry Sterckval, run the association Les Ateliers Palm Beach where they create decorative objects out of wood and metal.

The upstairs holds a photo exhibition by Elein Fleiss named “Reportage”. Sidenote number two: Fleiss happens to be a co-founder of the internationally renowned magazine Purple, revolving around art, fashion and culture. Sidenote number three: Fleiss and Ramboz also have a collective showcase project named “Les 12 moins(The 12 months), that exhibits photographs, texts, sculptures and drawings.

I like how it is all connected in this little dream world of ours…


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