Vegan Cooking Workshop

Le Cheval Blanc

At the B&B Le Cheval Blanc our friend Natalie offers vegan cooking workshops. Here her partner Peter can also bring you on cycling holidays in and around Saint Antonin Noble Val.

We participated on one of Natalie’s classes, and can highly recommend it! She started off by showing us a few vegan ingredients to give the 5th taste called umami, which one often knows from meat, but also can get from mushrooms, fermented food, roasted nuts etc. Then we went on to experiment with several tasty recipes…


We’ve finally learned the secret to making proper lebanese falafels: Don’t use cooked chickpeas! The recipe we used comes from the book Honey & Co: Food from the Middle East by Packer and Srulovich.

Jackfruit “Tuna Mayo” Salad

The vegetable called jackfruit is an interesting one, reminding me of tuna or chicken in texture. We did two dishes with this fascinating ingredient, the “tuna mayo” salad consisting of vegan mayonnaise, capers etc. Find the recipe here.

The other jackfruit yumminess we tried was pulled jackfruit, and you’ll find the recipe of that one here.

“Ricotta” Cigars

This one is a favorite for sure, with perfectly balanced taste of savory and sweet! For the moment this recipe is not yet on the blog of Le Cheval Blanc, and although I got a copy of it to bring home with me, I won’t share it here before Natalie shares it with her readers… 😉

Vegan “Cheesecake”

Who said one needs dairy to make a “cheesecake”? Find the vegan recipe here.

Chocolate Mousse

So delicious, and so easy to make! The recipe with the surprising ingredient aquafaba you’ll find here.

Wrapping it up

We finished the workshop by sharing the lovely meal we had prepared, outside under the vines in the backyard. Thank you, Natalie!

Bespoke furniture

Natalie’s kitchen is a great one to cook in, and our contributions help to stay organized and to keep it nicely lit: Bespoke shelves and lighting! The metal brackets securing the shelves were forged by Arnaud, the local blacksmith in Espinas. For the lamp Jean reused copper wire from electrical cables as decor.

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