In the beginning of May we took a trip to Sauveterre-de-Béarn, a pretty medieval village perched above the Gave d’Oloron and facing the Pyrenees in south-western France. It is placed in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, a new one to me (Veronica).

We started our lovely walk above a very cute campsite, towards an old drawbridge. The stone portions of the bridge remain, but the wooden section is no longer there and the terminal of the bridge has been walled.

From there we strolled by the river, then headed to the stairs leading up to a majestic church. As we climbed up the steep stairs the view down to the valley below became increasingly stunning. The lush vegetation and charming houses by the river bank make a great postcard!

We found another way back down to the campsite, then crossed the river on a modern bridge to take a walk on the island across.

I wouldn’t mind trying canoeing and kayaking on this river when the water level is higher.

Here are my mobile snapshots from the walk in the beautiful weather. I hope you enjoy them!

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