Ringve Botanical Garden

After moving to Trøndelag in Norway, Veronica decided Jean needed to see which plants and flowers may grow this far north. We therefore made a visit to Ringve botanical garden at Lade. After our years in France we were happy to discover that many of the species we have seen there can also flourish way up here in Norway too! Bonus: Several beautifully carved animal sculptures.

The botanical garden is situated on the Lade peninsula, about 3 km east of Trondheim’s city centre. The garden is always open and has free entry.

Here, you can enjoy the colourful biodiversity and learn more about trees, traditional medicinal plants, plant evolution and popular ornamental plants.

The plants in the botanical garden are living collections used for research, education, and conservation of endangered species. The garden is about 32 acres and was established by the [NTNU] university in 1973.


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