Revisiting Rhône-Alpes

In 2016 we did work exchange in La Balme, and in 2017 Jean and I were asked if we wanted to house sit at the very same place. As we find it to be one of the most beautiful places we’ve been, we said yes! End of September and beginning of October is the period where the trees in this area change into a firework of autumn colours, so even though the air starts to get fresh, it’s the perfect time to go hiking in these breathtaking landscapes.


La Balme

Surrounding Areas

Hike to La Croix de Cassini

It was under Luke XV that Cassini III left his name to the Cassini Cross of Freney (2361 m above sea level) because he used it for his measurements. Cassini maps, drawn over 250 years ago, are as accurate as our current IGN maps. More about this hike on Isère Tourisme.

Hike to Lac Besson

More info on this hike at Isère tourisme.

Hike to Platau d’Emparis

More info about this hike on Isère tourisme.

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