Réflexo Pédibus

After new year we had fun creating a promo video for Jean’s mother Carole Cramette, where I filmed Carole giving Jean a full intuitive treatment including reflexology (foot massage), massage and reiki (healing). Jean did a great job on editing the clips into the movie you can see at the bottom of this article.

I have used movie stills actively in the creation of a simple one page website for Carole and her new project Réflexo Pédibus. The name reflects her plan of taking her van on the road to offer treatments to pilgrims and hikers along the way of Camino de Santiago.

Stills from the promo video

Psst… Did you like the icon painting? Carole also does those as well as other portrait commissions.

Full Promo video

Carole Cramette demonstrates how a treatment might look like.
Starring Jean Ravau as client, lucky man!
Filmed by me, Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug.
Edited by Jean Ravau.
Music by Purple Planet.

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