Our Home 2

For those who follow our blog, you might think we still live in the mobile home in Espinas.

No wonder, we haven’t published any new articles in a long time. It’s only through Instagram and Facebook that we have shared tidbits of our lives the last year.

We have in fact lived in this small house on a hectare of land in the commune of Caylus for more than a year. We thought it could be interesting for some of our followers to see how an old, refurbished French stone house can look like.

The landlord has redone the house fairly recently, so it is rather modern compared to many other houses in the area. It is a great place for us to stay while we save and search for our own home.

We’re still not sure whether we would like to buy an old house to renovate, or to buy a piece of land and build a house. The latter might actually probably be more affordable…

Do you happen to know of any nice plots for sale in the area? Please get in touch!

PS: The artwork is made by one half of us, Veronica.

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