Odense, Denmark

Family Hugs

This winter we spent some time in Odense in Denmark to visit Veronica’s older brother, sister-in-law and nephew, as it had been two years since the last encounter for her, and to introduce Jean to this nice trio.

Tha House!

This little family has managed to make a good home for themselves in an impressive house, styled in a Scandinavian minimalistic style.

Exploring Odense

Denmark is a flat country, similar to north of France. Compared to France it seems quite modern when it comes to housing, as it has lots of new buildings and building techniques to show for. The winter is milder than in Norway, although the wind can still make it harsh to be outside. Veronica was happy to see less snow than in Norway at this time of the year!

What We Did

As a work exchange we did cooking (all vegan, yay!), repairing clothes, mounting a huge wardrobe, installing lamps and dimmers, running errands… and building a toolshed!

At the same time Jean just about finished the work on the new website for L’air des Pichoulis, the permaculture farm we’ve stayed at in the north of France, and making a video for Réflexo Pédibus. He also found the time and peace to do a painting commission.

Veronica worked on learning the basics of WordPress to launch the Réflexo Pédibus website as well as this one. The first steps to do a total makeover of Veronica’s professional website LiVeTaSte was also made… As we are curious to learn about different types of living communities, we visited the permaculture ecovillage “Den Selvforsynende Landsby” (The Self-Providing Village).

Veronica’s brother showed us around Odense university, where Jean could make a casing for our gift – a Rasperry Pi – using the public 3D printer. We also checked out the parkour skills of Veronica’s nephew, as he attended an evening parkour class. Awesome! – say the proud auntie and uncle. Jean even tried to compete with the little gamer, without any luck. Veronica was more happy to share a visit to Odense theatre to see “Gummi-Tarzan“. Thanks for joining me, O!

The best part of the stay was definitely the good talks and laughs that we had, either around the dining table, or circling the kitchen island. Big hugs, T&T&O.

A final message from Denmark

Ha’ ikke hovudet under armen – for din sikkerheds skyld

Do not have your head under your arm – for your safety


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