Hendaye, France

In between lockdowns we made a trip to Hendaye in South West of France, by the ocean in Basque country. The reason for this was that Jean’s brother was getting married there!

The celebration was lovely, and as a huge bonus we got to explore this beautiful city and its stunning surroundings, literally just steps away from the Spanish border.

Some of the family had booked lodging in a small apartment, and they had found us a caravan to sleep in just next to them. It was a very adorable caravan, and we quickly named it the Barbie caravan. Scroll on to see why…

Personally I prefer the caravan style offered by our “neighbours” Coutillard in Parisot, Tarn-et-Garonne, but this one fits perfectly for small adventurous people with a taste for cuteness!

From our pastel caravan we could take a stroll by dramatic cliffs, through the city on broad sidewalks and down to the white sand beach filled with happy surfers and enthusiastic surfer parents.

Hendaye really is a lovely city for pedestrians (including chickens), surfers, cyclists and cars, in that order. As a pedestrian it is a nice change from the tiny or non existing sidewalks that we’ve become used to in otherwise charming French medieval villages.

Be prepared for stunning beauty, shown through the mobile camera lens of a nostalgic Norwegian who grew up next to a fjord…

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