Exhibition by Liz

Welcome to a virtual presentation of this intriguing exhibition by Elise Boidin – or Liz for short -, a fellow artist that we first encountered when we visited Vispens ecovillage.  She works with textiles, prints, drawing and painting and you can see some more of her artwork presented on Behance.

The exhibition took place at Le BazArt in the adorable French medieval village Saint Antonin Noble Val in Tarn et Garonne, just 10 km from us. You know, the village from the film “The Hundred-Foot Journey”.

Le BazArt (the French love their play with words) is a gallery/café/second hand store/workshop/atelier where you might see us volunteering at the café, serving our delicious homemade cookies and kombucha – all vegan and organic of course, made with mainly locally produced ingredients.

Bienvenue !


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