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Au Chat Voir Vivre

The other day we went to Lille in search of fabrics for a project. Hint: It concerns Réflexo Pédibus

Orange and violet fabrics

At the market to find fabrics for a project.


Au Chat Voir Vivre

After finding what we were looking for at the street market, we had our lunch at the café “Au Chat Voir Vivre“. Here you can have yourself an organic cup of tea with a vegan treat on the side, while cuddling one or more of the eight cute cats living here. The cats give the feeling of being in a private home rather than a public café, and is not for the ones afraid of finding a hair on their plate. The café also has a nice little reading nook with books on cats, arts and meditation, to name a few themes.





After lunch we had a lovely walk through a couple of green lungs in Lille to enjoy the sunny day at the fullest.


À bientôt !

A bientot !Save



  1. Anita Tangstad May 27, 2017

    I love your pictures! I look forward to see France!

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