Veronica wearing a hat in the garden

About Linn Veronica

I have a BA in design, arts and crafts education, and I am trained as a fashion designer and dressmaker, a project manager and (weirdly enough) an accounts clerk. I have also dabbled as a teacher of yoga, photography, Norwegian and English, as a mentor and web designer. Other (mostly temp) work experiences include being a waitress, event manager, artist host and library staff, kindergarten staff, care staff, animal keeper and farm hand. Did I mention I’m versatile already?

Although versatile, I’m also a sturdy, hard-working and trustworthy person who enjoy doing project work.

So… Whether it is help with pretty much anything arts or crafts related (be it drawing, painting, photography, woodwork, metalwork, sewing, crocheting, knitting, pottery, jewellery making, website building etc.), yoga, meditation, cooking, English studies, organizational skills, gardening or just an extra set of hands or eyes you need, let me know. And if there is something I haven’t done before, you can try to show me the first couple of steps, and I just might catch up and do the rest.


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